Product Description:

Sizes: 45cm x 30cm 10cm

Produced for use on workshop, factory, construction site, power plants, manufacturing and processing companies, offices and hotels.

Our company has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certificates.

First aid supplies are CE marked and biocidal certified.

Body is produced from ABS plastic and transparent cover is made from SAN plastic.

     There are 7 shelves you can put any size of products.

     It has a magnetic cover system that allows easy opening and closing.

     The cover has upside and underside opening holders.

     With bright fluorescent yellow color, it can be seen even in low light.

     Mounting bolts and plastic anchors are in the cabinet.

* Please fix the cabinet at 4 points.

* "Contents list" should be kept for adding the first aid supplies that are used and finished the shelf life.

product name pcs
Tape   2,5cmx500cm  1
Adhesive Plasters   1,9cmx7,2cm   15
Adhesive Plasters   2,5cmx7,2cm 4
Sterile Adhesive Pad   10cmx9cm  1
Dressing   5cmx150cm 1
Dressing   10cmx150cm 2
Triangular Bandage   96cmx136cmx96cm 2
Elastic Bandage   6cmx200cm 1
Sterile Gauze Compress   30cmx40cm 1
Sterile Gauze Compress   30cmx80cm  1
Absorbent Cotton   50gr 1
Instant Cold Pack 1
Skin Cleansing Swab, non-alcohol 1
Alcohol Swab 1
Monodose %10 Povidone Iodine Solution   7ml 2
Monodose Hydrogen Peroxide   7ml  2
Pair of Disposable Gloves 1
Tourniquet 1
Face Shield 1
Safety Pins 12
Plastic Tweezers 1
Scissors   10,5cm 1
First Aid Supplies Cloth   39cmx27cm 1
First Aid Leaflet 1
Kit Box 1


*If any item in the content list can not provided, another item with same value is used.