Product Description:

Sizes: 40cm x 32cm x 10cm

Contains a wide variety of materials and first aid supplies people may need in the event of disasters, earthquake, flood and fire.

Our company has ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality certificates.

First aid supplies are CE marked and biocidal certified.

Kit bag is made from 330 denier waterproof fabrics.

     It is convenient to carry on hand, shoulder and back.

     There are two net pockets on the right and left sides.

* "Contents list" should be kept for adding the first aid supplies that are used and finished the shelf life.

Product Pcs  
Torch 1  
Multipurpose Foldable Camping Fork-Spoon Kit 1  
Radio 1  
Battery 2  
Plastic Whistle 1  
Pair of Work Gloves 1  
Match 1  
Hand Warmer 2  
Raincoat 1  
Drinking Water    1  
Pen 1  
Notebook 1  
Document Envelope 1  
Emergency Blanket   150cmx200cm, silver colour 1  
Medical Face Mask 2  
Tape   2,5cmx500cm  1  
Adhesive Plasters   1,9cmx7,2cm   10  
Adhesive Plasters   2,5cmx7,2cm   8  
Sterile Adhesive Pad   9cmx5cm 1  
Dressing   5cmx150cm 1  
Dressing   10cmx150cm 1  
Triangular Bandage   96cmx136cmx96cm 1  
Sterile Gauze Compress   30cmx40cm 1  
Sterile Gauze Compress   30cmx80cm 1  
Instant Cold Pack 1  
Skin Cleansing Swab, non-alcohol 10  
Alcohol Swab 5  
Monodose %10 Povidone Iodine Solution  7ml  5  
Pair of Disposable Gloves 1  
Medical Tourniquet    1  
Digital Thermometer 1  
Safety Pins 12  
Plastic Tweezers 1  
Scissors   1  
First Aid Supplies Cloth   39cmx27cm 1  
First Aid Leafleat 1  
Recommendation List 1  
First Aid Kit Bag 1  
Disaster Kit Bag 1  
*If any item in the content list can not provided, another item with same value is used.